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Express Tax Return and Tax Consultancy

With changes of Australian industry, we offer specialized services for newly introduced industry, which include rideshare (Uber and Others), accommodation share (Airbnb etc.) and home office-based businesses. We will walk through all your income and expenses and find a legitimate way to maximize tax return. Call us for on spot and same day service 0404 0000 42.

Remember, rideshare sole trader is somehow different from other consultants and freelancers, as a rideshare sole trader, you must:

  1. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for Good and Services Tax (GST)
  2. Lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS) even your business income less than the regular GST threshold of $75,000
  3. Pay BAS/GST obligations and pay any GST liabilities to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) by each due date.

You are entitling to claim deductions on expenses, examples:

  1. Expenses incurred to become a rideshare driver, application fees and rideshare license.
  2. Car maintenance expenses such as cleaning and servicing
  3. Petrol and oil
  4. Mobile phone usage
  5. Subscriptions to music services such as iTunes
  6. Toll and Parking
  7. Lease expense of a rented vehicle

Remember, you must have to proportion of all expenses, so you will have exact correct amount related to business expenses. Example 60% rideshare expense and 40% personal expense.

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